The Pet Feedster for Cats comes with a kibble theft chute. The Pet Feedster for dogs does not. All other features are the same.

Size & Specs

What size and kind of food will the Pet Feedster Dispense?

The Pet Feedster will work with most pet food that’s between 1/8 to 3/4 inch in size. No canned or wet food.


What size pets will the Pet Feedster work with?

Our product was designed to accommodate both larger pets and smaller pets. To add more room for eating, the Pet Feedster has a concave face for large dogs. You should always test and make sure your pet can eat out of the bowl – especially when it comes to young or very small pets, or pets with special needs.

How much food can be dispensed at one time?

The Pet Feedster can dispense up to 6 cups and as low as 1 tablespoon of kibble at a time depending on the size of the food.

How much food does the Pet Feedster hold?

It holds up to 10 pounds of food depending on the size of the kibble.

Will the Pet Feedster work with two pets?

This will depend on your pets, but the unit can feed two pets provided they eat at the same time with the same amounts. The Pet Feedster has a large bowl.

Will the unit sense or stop if food is left in the bowl?

At this time, the unit cannot detect that food is left in the bowl. The Pet Feedster was designed to feed the amount that you programmed to dispense. You should keep an eye on your pet’s eating habits and adjustment periodically  if you notice food being leftover after meal time.  You may want to consult a veterinarian in case your pet has health issues.

Will the Pet Feedster crush food?

The Pet Feedster’s Flex Feeder system ensures that kibble will not be crushed.

Can you feed your pet snacks?

Yes, you have the ability to feed at any time and at any amount. You can simply set the unit to start feeding once the unit has dispensed the amount you desire.  You can then stop the unit and it will return to its normal feeding program.

How big is the Pet Feedster?

The Pet Feedster is 171/2” high, 13” wide, 18” from front to back including the food bowl.

How much does the Pet Feedster weigh?

The Pet Feedster weighs a little more than 8 pounds when empty. Overall weight will depend on how much food you have in the unit and if you have water added to the Ant Stop water tray. The food storage container can hold up to 10 lbs of pet food and the Ant Stop water tray can hold approx. 6 cups of water. Please note that this weight is different from the shipping weight of the Pet Feedster package.

How is the Pet Feedster Ant Proof?

Our patented Ant Stop water tray is removable and sits under the unit, which stops ants from getting into the storage container.

How often do I need to clean the Pet Feedster?

We recommend cleaning the parts that contact the food about every few weeks or sooner depending on the food used because oils and food particles can build up. We recommend cleaning the food bowl at the same frequency you would any other food bowl.


Is the Pet Feedster hard to program?

As one of our top priorities, the Pet Feedster was designed to be user friendly and is very easy to program.


How many meals will the unit dispense per day?

The Pet Feedster can dispense up to 8 meals per day.


How is the Pet Feedster unit powered?

You can plug the AC adapter unit into a 110 volt outlet or you can use 6 D batteries. With 6 D batteries you can get a 4-6 month life span depending on the batteries. This makes the Pet Feedster completely portable and is perfect for most travel needs.


Will the Pet Feedster work on batteries?

Yes, with 6 D batteries you can get up to a six month life span. There is also an included DC adapter which can be plugged into an outlet. Batteries should be used as backup in case of power failure. For our international users, the Pet Feedster can be programmed on battery power only. When setting up for the first time, you’ll see a battery signal on the timer. If you choose to plug into the DC adapter, the battery signal will go away.

What is the length of the power cord?

The power cord is UL listed and 68 inches in length.  It provides a low voltage DC current which is safe around pets, pet owners, and energy efficient.

How long will the backup battery last if there’s a power outage?

The backup battery will last up 4-6 months based on the battery make.