Designed for Pets

The Pet Feedster was designed with your pet in mind and can be customized to pets with varied diets, habits and more.

Pet Health

  • Recommended by veterinarians
  • Eliminates 5am breakfast begging
  • Weight control – healthy portions
  • Prevents overeating
  • Consistent schedule – pets are healthier and happier with consistent meal times
  • Helps prevents weight-related diseases such as osteoarthritis, diabetes, and heart disease
  • Great for pets with special dietary needs – diabetic pets on specific meal schedules


  • Won’t crush food
  • Perfect, consistent portions
  • Battery backup available – in the event of a power failure, digital timer retains the program settings, preventing the need to reprogram
  • No stealing snacks – kibble theft proof attachment available for cats
  • Concave face for large dogs
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Low profile, wide stable design for pets of all sizes
  • Bowl locks to unit and can’t be moved around
  • Food hidden from pet’s sight