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July 2016

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October 2015

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Spring 2017

Product Review

Spring 2017

  • I’m a 34 year old single dad to an 8 year old son. The Pet Feedster has really saved us time. I load it up and let it do its thing. Working full time and being a full time dad takes up a lot of time. Every little bit helps, and the Pet Feedster takes away a chore, so there is one less thing to do.

    Phan L., Chino, CAoreo_bluebg

  • “What I like most about the Pet Feedster is the convenience. It has a large bin for the food (that’s locked so he can’t get into it himself). It’s so convenient to not have to remember what time he needs to get fed. Pet Feedster has made my life easier because I don’t have to worry about my dog. He has tummy issues and being able to feed him small meals regularly has greatly improved his life and consequently mine. I also don’t worry if I’ll be late getting home, since he’ll eat on time no matter what. I also LOVE that he doesn’t wake me up in the mornings anymore.”

    Snow M. beagle_green_bg


  • I looked at several models of auto-feeders for my two outside cats who live in our heated garage. They are FOOD FEINDS, so when we go out of town, I had to have someone come over at least every other day because they will eat until they blow-up if I simply fill a bowl and leave. This feeder was the solution. I love it. I don’t know if I could have gotten away with the less expensive model, but I can say this is VERY solid and well made. The battery back up has come in VERY handy, too. I don’t use an auto feeder for my inside cat, but I can definitely see the attraction. (and my cats still love me)

    Jennifer M.ruby_bldgbg

  • I’ve been through 3 different timer-based feeders and none came close to reliability as yours.  No jams!  Love the food chamber theory.  I’ve told a few of our dog owner friends how great the Pet Feedster is.

    Craig L., Columbus, Ohiobeagle_green_bg

  • Absolutely worth the price! Programming feeding sizes and timings isn’t necessarily intuitive, but the instructions are straightforward. I have found it to be reliable, accurate and consistent, keeping my mind at ease while I’m away from home for a few days. Tried 2 different versions of the “Petmate” brand, and returned them both before buying this Pet Feedster. I am very happy with its quality and would recommend it to any pet owner!

    Christin R.

  • “I tried three other units, in fact I had two Le Bistros and they were terrible, they jammed CONSTANTLY!  So I decided to try another brand and got an Ergo and even that jammed periodically.  I’m really excited about my new Pet Feedster and not having my dog waking me up in the early morning.

    1).  It does what it claims

    2).  I don’t need to be woke up every morning 2 hours earlier than I need to by the dog

    3).  …I love this thing!”

    Bob K.
    Milwaukee, WI beagle_green_bg