Troubleshooting: Pet Feedster PF-10 PLUS

Clock / Timer

My clock seems to slow down or speed up, and I need to reset the clock every few weeks.

Your timer needs to be replaced. Please contact us at with your order number for a replacement part under warranty.

Troubleshooting: Pet Feedster PF-10


Help! My Pet Feedster isn’t working! What do I do?

1. Check that your power is connected. Is the body firmly attached to the base? (One post connects to your AC adapter, so make sure it’s connected firmly to the base)

2. Check your Flex Feeder. Is it set to the right size? Is the largest size of food able to pass through the triangle-shaped opening easily? (Adjust to the right setting. Half sizes also work, and most cat food is size small) Is it firmly connected to the motor? (Push the Flex Feeder into the motor shaft until it catches in) Is the bottom of the Flex Feeder cracked or damaged? If so it might need to be replaced. (You can purchase replacement parts here)

3. Check your timer. Are your meal times set correctly? You can reset your timer and re-program by pressing and holding down the NEXT button for 8-10 seconds until — — — — appears.

Testing the timer:

  • Press and hold the “MODE” button until “FEEDING” shows up Example: look at the first feeding time
  • Click the “MODE” button to show the master clock
  • Set the master clock to 1 minute less than the first feeding meal time.Example: first feeding time is 8am, so set the master clock to 7:59am
  • The motor should be running within 1 minute
  • If the motor is not running, the timer must be replaced

4. Check your motor. Is it running? Has it burned out? Make your Pet Feedster dispense a meal. (On timer, press down on MODE button until ADJ appears on screen. Press ADJ button and motor should start running. And press ADJ again to stop) You should hear your motor running. If not, purchase a replacement here.

Testing the motor:

• Press and hold the “MODE” button 10 seconds until “ADJ” shows up • Click the “ADJ” button
• Check to see if the motor is running or not
• If the motor is running, the timer is an issue and needs to be replaced

It seems like an inconsistent amount of food is dispensed. What do I do?

This happens with lower food quantities especially, but know that the total amount of food dispensed will be the same. The motor turns only so many times, so if the regular amount of food isn’t dispensed at that feeding, it’ll make up for it at the next one.

Food starts dispensing at un-programmed times. What do I do?

Press down on the NEXT button for 8-10 seconds until four dashes “— — — —” appear on the LCD display. Then re-program your Pet Feedster. If you have batteries installed, you must take out the batteries before resetting. If you’ve properly reset your programming, “0:00” will show on the LCD display 15 seconds after the four dashes appear.


The button doesn’t work when I press it. What do I do?

Sometimes the buttons need some warming up. Click the button 15-20 times to do so.

If it still doesn’t work, remove the timer cover (sticker) with a knife, and drop oil (like wd-40) on the black part of the button. Use a safety pin or paper clip to dab it on.

Remember that many of the programming instructions require that you press down (and keep pressing down) on the buttons for a certain about of time, not just clicking on the button once. The Pet Feedster will also exit out of programming mode after 15 seconds of inactivity, in which case you’ll start from the beginning of your step.


How do I feed snacks to my pet?

On the timer, press down on MODE button for 8 seconds until “ADJ” appears on the LCD screen. Press the ADJ button and the motor should start running. Food will dispense. Press the ADJ button again to stop. The Pet Feedster will exit manual mode after 15 seconds of inactivity.

Flex Feeder

Sometimes the motor turns, but the Flex Feeder doesn’t spin. What do I do?

Push the Flex Feeder into the motor shaft until it catches in.

How do I know whether my Flex Fleeder is in good or bad condition?

Press down on the MODE button for 8 seconds until “ADJ” shows on the LCD display. Then click the ADJ button. As the motor turns, catch the Flex Feeder by hand. You should feel it trying to turn. If the Flex Feeder slips, it needs to be replaced. You can purchase a replacement part in the Owner’s Center of the Pet Feedster website.


There’s no power signal on the timer when I plug in the AC adapter. What do I do?

Separate the hopper from the base and clean the base’s electric plug hole. Then reinstall the base to the main body.

Why can’t I see the battery signal on the timer after I plug in the AC adapter?

When you unplug the AC adaptor, the timer will show that the battery signal is on. When power fails, the Pet Feedster automatically switches to use battery power. At that time it will show battery signal.

Can I separate the main body from the base after installing the batteries to program the Pet Feedster more easily?

Yes, you can! If you separate the hopper from the base, you’ll see that one of the posts is an outlet for the AC adapter. Simply plug the adapter into that post.