About Pet Feedster

The Pet Feedster was invented, developed, and crafted in Southern California. Our company is family-owned and operated, and we’re proud members of the American Pet Products Association.


A little bit about our adventure:

When my daughters were in elementary school, we got our first family dog. They were going to learn about responsibility, caring for a living creature, and many other life lessons. But unfortunately, sometimes they would forget to feed poor little Jane. After a point, with both my wife and I working, I got an automatic pet feeder. Then another, and another. Each one jammed, didn’t hold enough food, got run over by ants…or by the dog itself!

Frustrated by the lack of good design available, I put my engineering background to use. I spent years in our garage, tinkering with different augers, spindles, and prototypes to figure out how to make an automatic pet feeder that worked flawlessly.
Finally, in 2005, our first patent got approved, and I suppose the rest is history. Thank you for being a part of our story.

– Sunny Park, Creator & CEO